FBI warning re: W2 scam

The FBI has issued a warning about a scam which is making the rounds, asking your HR personnel to release W2 info. Be wary, especially between now and April 15th.

Captcha Bypass

We’ve seen a large uptick in the number of spam getting past the defenses in the last two weeks – it seems someone has devised a new way to get around Captcha.

The Akismet plugin has been catching most of it on those sites which have it enabled. We’re seeing 4-5 times as many spam getting caught.

The spam which has gotten through to my email accounts typically has a short message and a link for you to “check out”. I’m sure most of you are sharp enough to know this, but just in case you’re tempted: Don’t follow the link. It’s almost surely a site which will try to infect your computer with malware.