InfoSec Tip: Call the number on your card

Interesting (in a bad way) hack here. This guy’s wife got a message from an ATM telling her that her card had been compromised, giving her a number to call. Luckily for them, they were alert enough to not give the account number and credit card number!

Tip: Any time you need to contact your credit card issuer, use the number on the card – not one provided by a 3rd party, even if it’s theoretically from the same bank.

Should this happen to you, report it!  And leave a note on the ATM so the next person doesn’t get scammed.

Adobe exposed nearly 7.5 million Creative Cloud accounts to the public

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Graphic designers, video editors, and other creatives beware: Nearly 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud accounts were exposed to the public.

The database containing the sensitive user info, discovered by security researcher Bob Diachenko and Comparitech, was accessible to anyone through a web browser.

The exposed user data for the nearly 7.5 million accounts included email addresses, the Adobe products they subscribed to, account creation date, subscription and payment status, local timezone, member ID, time of last login, and whether they were an Adobe employee.

Creative Cloud customers should be wary of any suspicious emails they receive claiming to be from the company.