Contact Form 7 and ReCAPTCHA

Those of you using Contact Form 7 may have noticed an increase in your spam levels around the middle of December. This was due to an update of Contact Form 7 which required an update from ReCAPTCHA version 2 to version 3…. and then still didn’t work right. They finally got a fix out a couple days later and the spam is back to its usual level of dull roar instead of the weekend’s comparatively massive onslaught.

All of the sites on which we manage the Captcha have been updated. If you’re still getting a higher than normal amount of spam through your site, feel free to get in contact and we’ll take a look. It’s possible that your Captcha version is out of date.

It’s a good idea to send yourself an email through your contact form to make sure it works as you expect it to.

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