How To Set Up An Administrator Account

In order to service your web site, we need you or your site developer to set up a temporary Administrator account for us. We’ll then log in and get things set up.  Here are the steps:

1) Log in to your site as an administrator

2) Click on Users to expand the menu.  Select “Add New”.

3) Enter the user name “PYWPtemp” and email “”

4) Enter any first and last name.

5) Make sure the “Send User Notification” box is CHECKED (see image below).

6) Change Role to “Administrator”

7) Click “Add New User” button.

Add new Admin user

We’ll log in and create a separate, permanent Administrator account with a unique login name and the email address “”, then delete this one.

And then we’ll install several plugins to keep you secure and to allow us to do our monitor/update/backup work.

One of the security procedures we implement will be to disallow login using an email address, since many people may know your email.  You’ll only be able to log in using your User Name.