Automated AI Powered Visual Site Testing

From: $0.00 / month and a $65.00 sign-up fee

Have you ever worried that your next update might break your site? Or had it happen?

It’s one of a site owner’s worst nightmares.  Software updates are supposed to fix things, but sometimes they do the exact opposite!

But who has the time and energy – or the skills – to methodically go through every page on your site to see that everything is still in good shape? (hint: we do!)


We’re still in the early stages of working out the fair billing rate for this service.  If we can reduce the cost, then your cost will also go down, retroactive to when you started.  If we have to raise it, you keep the price that’s listed when you sign up.  Simple as that.



Automated visual testing works by taking a ‘baseline’ screenshot of pages where the layout might break when WordPress core, themes, or plugins are updated.*

After the update has been applied, another set of screenshots are taken and the artificial intelligence engine (AI) compares the two screenshots to identify any changes.

If the AI finds any changes between the original screenshot and the post-update screenshot, it’s flagged for review by a human.

If the change is substantial, we’ll contact you to discuss fixing it or rolling back your site to your most recent backup.

We can control for constantly changing content such as ads, image sliders, random text inserts (such as testimonials), blog pages with frequently updated content – essentially any layout elements which are supposed to change, while checking for those which should not change.

A $65 one-time setup fee is required.

Page checks cost just $2.00 per page.  You will be billed at the end of each month for the specific number of page checks which have been run. Please be sure to let us know in the Notes section which pages you would like checked.  If you chose to run page checks after updating specific plugins such as contact forms or image carousels, please let us know in the notes which plugins trigger page checks.

Choose whether to check after updates of:

  • WordPress core
    • major updates (5.x to 6.0, approximately every 2 years)
    • ‘dot’ updates (5.5.x to 5.6.x, scheduled for 4 times/year)
    • all updates, including “minor” releases (5.5.x to 5.5.y) which typically include functionality fixes and security fixes
  • Your active Theme (inactive themes, if any, will be updated automatically)
  • Plugins.  Choose either:
    • specific plugins (please specify which plugins in the Notes section)
    • all plugins
  • Staging First: Many web hosts (SiteGround, BlueHost, GoDaddy, GreenGeeks, etc) offer a free “staging” sandbox version of your site.  It’s generally a good idea to test updates on your staging site to make sure nothing breaks before deploying them to your live site.  Check with your web host!  Include the address of your staging site when checking out!  Staging First assumes that we’ll be updating your staging site, running the visual check, and then updating your live site as well, so there’s a $2.50/month charge because we’re updating two sites instead of one.

NOTE: Limit of 100 total page checks per month (including baseline checks).   Need more?  Please contact us.

Also note that this service is NOT LIMTED TO WORDPRESS sites.  We can perform visual checks on most any website by request. Just choose “None” for all the fields when you sign up, let us know the page addresses you’d like checked, and request your visual tests at any time.

*For example, many sites experienced broken layouts in mid August, 2020, when WordPress 5.5 was released removing a jQuery library which they depended on. There were some similar problems when WordPress 5.6 was released in early December 2020.

Additional information

WordPress Updates

None, Major, typically every 2-4 years (5.x to 6.0), Middle-Dot updates, typically every 3-4 months (5.x to 5.y), All updates (5.x.x to 5.x.y)

Theme Updates

None, All updates to active theme

Plugin Updates

None, Specific plugin(s), All plugin updates

Staging First

None, Yes