Basic WordPress Monitoring/Update & Backup

$120.00 / year

We keep your site software (WordPress, Plugins, Themes) up to date!

Includes daily check-in and updates as needed, and backups of all your files and database as frequently as once an hour.

All backups are retained for 90 days.

All prices are for 1 year of service.

Optional Uptime Monitor saves you time worrying about whether your website is online. It instantaneously notifies you if a website goes down, giving you a chance to fix the problem before it becomes serious. The Uptime Monitor will “ping” your site once a minute.

Optional Upgrades to iThemes Security Pro and to WordFence Premium strengthen the security of your site.


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  • Install and configure reliable, battle-tested security plugins on your site
  • Log into your site daily
  • Check for the latest updates relevant to your WordPress site, including all your plugins and themes
  • Update your WordPress site, its plugins and themes if there are new releases
  • Perform other cleanup routines such as optimize your database, clear out comments which have been identified as spam
  • Back up your site monthly; or more often for an additional fee
  • Send you a monthly report of everything we’ve checked and everything we’ve done
  • Our curated monthly report includes big news in information security, covering topics like password security tips, interesting infosec that may affect you, best practices to manage your personal and business information.

All for just $10/month!
That’s pretty hard to beat!

Hey designers and developers:
Send your clients to us through our Affiliate program. Help them stay secure at a discount and make some cash for yourself!

Here’s some things we will never do:

  • Sell, rent, exchange or otherwise share your contact info, ever.
  • Upsell you. You’re welcome to add optional services, but that’s entirely up to you.

All policies are subject to change, as we learn new stuff constantly and sometimes new information and best practices cause us to update our policies.

Pro Tip: Take a “Belt and suspenders” approach to backups! Don’t trust any single method (not even us). Because if your site (or your computer) crashes or gets hacked, you want the best odds at getting everything back up and running as quickly as possible. And that’s not going to happen if your backup system isn’t working properly.

When was the last time you checked your backup to make sure it restores properly?


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