Enhanced WordPress Monitoring/Update & Backup (Monthly payments)

From: $18.32 / month

We keep your site software (WordPress, Plugins, Themes) up to date!


  • Daily check for software upgrades
  • Daily updates as needed
  • Daily Database optimization
  • Optional Uptime Monitoring every 60 seconds.  Three notification options; Email, SMS or Slack.
  • Backups of your ENTIRE site – files and database – as frequently as once an hour. All backups are retained for 90 days.
  • iThemes Security Pro plugin
  • Optional WordFence Premium security plugin upgrade (purchased from WordFence on your behalf)
  • Monthly Reports

Weekly Backups are selected, but optional backup frequency upgrades allow busy sites to insure that recent activity such as sales or posts are not lost in the event that you get hacked or your host’s server goes offline.

iThemes Security Pro upgrade offers 15 additional security measures at 50% off the usual retail price.

Optional Uptime Monitor saves you time worrying about what websites are up. It instantaneously notifies you if a website goes down, giving you a chance to fix the problem before it becomes serious. It will “ping” your site once a minute and let you know if it is offline.

Optional WordFence Security Premium upgrade offers real-time updates of IP Blacklist, Firewall Rules, and Malware Signatures, (delayed 30 days for non-Premium) as well as Reputation Checks and Country Blocking (purchased from WordFence on your behalf).

Price shown is for 1 month of service. 12 months minimum subscription.

Choose the level of protection you need:



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  • Install and configure reliable, battle-tested security plugins on your site
  • Log into your site daily
  • Check for the latest updates relevant to your WordPress site, including all your plugins and themes
  • Update your WordPress site, its plugins and themes if there are new releases
  • Perform other cleanup routines such as optimize your database, clear out comments which have been identified as spam
  • Optional uptime monitoring every 60 seconds – your choice of notification method: Email, Slack, or SMS
  • Back up your site as often as every hour
  • Send you a monthly report of everything we’ve checked and everything we’ve done
  • Our curated monthly report includes big news in information security, covering topics like password security tips, interesting infosec that may affect you, best practices to manage your personal and business information.

Additional information

Backup Frequency

Monthly Backup, Weekly Backup, Daily Backup, 2x Daily Backup, 4x Daily Backup, Hourly Backup

Site Uptime Monitoring

No Uptime Monitoring, Add Uptime Monitoring

WordFence Security Premium upgrade

Regular WordFence, WordFence Security Premium

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