Site Uptime Monitoring Upgrade

From: $20.00 / year

We keep an eye on your websites for you and send you an instant notification when your website goes down, so you can get it back online before anyone else notices.

Site Uptime Monitor Upgrade requires that you purchase our Basic WordPress Monitoring/Update & Backup for the same site.


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Uptime Monitor saves you time worrying about whether your website is up. It instantaneously notifies you (and/or us) if a website goes down, giving you a chance to fix the problem before it becomes serious. When your WordPress website is down, you’re losing visitors and with that revenue. Uptime Monitor makes sure that this doesn’t happen to you.

Every minute the system will check your website.

If the Uptime Monitor doesn’t get the expected response, it’ll keep trying a couple more times to confirm that the site is down. If it is still unresponsive, you will receive a notification.

Multiple notifications in a short time span are merged into a single notification

You will also receive notifications when your websites go back up.

Three notification options are available: Email, SMS or Slack.

Additional information

Notification Method

Email, SMS, Slack

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