See your identity pieced together from stolen data

Have you ever wondered how much of your personal information is available online? Here’s your chance to find out.

We’ve all heard about high-profile data breaches at places like Optus and Medibank, but there are thousands more of them that we don’t hear about.

That’s why Australian online security expert Troy Hunt created Have I Been Pwned? — a service that tracks stolen data across the internet, and is used by numerous national governments, security services and law enforcement.

Now, we’ve used Hunt’s database to help you:

  • Find out what data breaches you’ve been caught up in
  • See a visual summary of the potential scale of the leaked information out there about you
  • Understand how something known as “the mosaic effect” can increase the risks we all face online

Enter your email address at the bottom of the linked page to see exactly how breached data can be used to piece together a detailed picture of your identity.

The ABC won’t collect your personal information. Details about the use of your information are available on the Have I Been Pwned privacy page.

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