Spam attempts increase 4x

Here at we’ve noticed a substantial increase in incoming spam on our clients’ sites – on average there have been four times as many spam comments over the past few weeks as usual levels.

It appears that either someone has figured out how to get around the comment filtering mechanisms built in to WordPress, or else the spammers are just sending many more than before.

The good news is that the vast majority of them are caught before they get to you, our clients. (Did you know that we delete most of the obviously spammy comments on a daily basis, so that you never have to deal with them?)

If you’d like even better protection, we’ve had excellent results using Anti-Spam by Clean Talk. It’s a service that costs just $6.00/year and is well worth it! We have no relation to CleanTalk other than being a satisfied customer!

Let us or your site developer know if you’d like us to install it on your site.

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