Terms of Service

What we will do

  • We will install and configure one or more security plugins with the goal of reducing the likelihood that your site gets hacked. We will also install one or more plugins which allow us to log in to your site, check for needed updates, perform those updates for you, backup your site, and perform other maintenance actions.
  • We will check/update sites at least every 3rd day at minimum (connectivity permitting).
  • We will back up your WordPress database and all associated files once per month (more frequently of you purchase an upgrade plan).
  • Backups will be retained for 90 days.
  • We will send you a report on or about the first of the month detailing the work we have performed – what has been updated and when, the previous version and new version, information about your backups and any add-on services you have purchased.

What you need to do

  • You or your developer will provide us with an Administrator level account on your website. Details for setting up that account are at ….
  • Please inform us if you know that one of your plugins/themes should NOT be updated.  We’ll advise against it, but we understand that there are times when it is warranted (for instance, the update breaks a critical function of your site).  Similarly, please inform us when we can begin updating those plugins/themes again.

What we will not do (sorry!)

  • We can not guarantee that you won’t be hacked.  We will take steps to reduce the probability that you will be hacked, but hackers can be pretty inventive and might be able to get around whatever defenses we (or WordPress) are able to put in place.
  • We can not update or back up your site if you delete our access account or the plugin tools we use to do so.
  • We can not update premium plugins or themes unless they have been built with the ability to update through the normal WordPress update process, and the subscription, login credentials, etc for the premium plugin or theme are up to date.
  • We will not test any updates prior to installing them.  Should an update result in a conflict we will attempt to roll back to the previous version, but it will be the responsibility of your developer to debug any problems which might result.