Unauthenticated File Upload Vulnerability Addressed in Royal Elementor Addons and Templates 1.3.79

During an investigation of a series of website being actively compromised we noticed the constant presence of the Royal Elementor Addons and Templates plugin installed. And all sites had at least one malicious file dropped into the /wpr-addons/forms/ directory.

As we reviewed the plugin it was found that the upload ajax action wasn’t properly validating the uploaded file’s extensions, allowing bad actors to bypass the check and drop malicious files to the /wpr-addons/forms/ directory.

Upon identifying the vulnerability, we promptly alerted the plugin development team, who released version 1.3.79 to fix the issue. It is crucial for administrators to ensure their WordPress installations are fully updated to safeguard against this vulnerability.

Source and full details: https://wpscan.com/blog/unauthenticated-file-upload-vulnerability-addressed-in-royal-elementor-addons-and-templates-1-3-79/

and https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2023/10/psa-critical-unauthenticated-arbitrary-file-upload-vulnerability-in-royal-elementor-addons-and-templates-being-actively-exploited/

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