What is this service about?

Two things that we’ve learned in over 26 years of hosting websites of different types, and 12+ years of WordPress sites in particular, are that:

1) The quickest way to get hacked is to let the software which runs your site go out of date.

2) Website owners are typically too busy running their business and/or not particularly technically inclined, and thus routinely fail to keep their sites up to date.

What we do:

Daily checks to see if WordPress, your Theme, or any of your plugins have new releases. If so, we update them for you.

Monthly offsite backups. Very helpful to have in the case your site goes down for any reason. We’ve saved lots of bacon.  More frequent backups – as often as every hour – are available for very active sites for an additional fee.

Monthly reports emailed to you with details on what we’ve done, traffic over the past month, and various security tips and news.

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“Raising the shields and lowering the target surface”

— Edward Snowden