WordPress 6.5.5 Security Release – What You Need to Know

WordPress Core 6.5.5 was released on June 24, 2024. Contained within this release are three security fixes addressing two Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities and one Windows-specific Directory Traversal vulnerability. Despite these vulnerabilities being medium-severity, the worst of them (specifically, the XSS vulnerabilities) can allow for site takeover by an authenticated, contributor-level user if successfully exploited.

The Directory Traversal vulnerability has been backported to every version of WordPress since 4.1, with the XSS vulnerabilities being backported to the major version in which the functionality was released. WordPress has supported automatic core updates for security releases since WordPress 3.7, and the vast majority of WordPress sites should receive a patch for their major version of WordPress automatically over the next 24 hours. We recommend verifying that your site has been automatically updated to one of the patched versions. Patched versions are available for every major version of WordPress since 4.1, so you can update without risking compatibility issues.

The Wordfence Threat Intelligence Team released a new firewall rule the same day to protect paid customers for one of the XSS vulnerabilities that didn’t have adequate protection.This rule will be available to free Wordfence users in 30 days, on July 24th, 2024. All Wordfence users have protection for the remaining two vulnerabilities.

Source and more details: https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2024/06/wordpress-6-5-5-security-release-what-you-need-to-know and https://wordpress.org/news/2024/06/wordpress-6-5-5/

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